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About JCL Engineering Pte. Ltd.

JCL (Jochenlee) was founded in Hsinchu (Taiwan) in 1952 by the Jow family and has today become the predominant name in mould manufacturing and industrial machine supply in Asia Pacific region and around the world. Through a program of careful and continual investment for over 60 years, the JCL group now employs over 200 people and supplied all the major glass container and tableware manufacturers throughout the world including Asia Pacific, Middle East, USA and European Regions.


We are a one-stop integrated Glass Manufacturing Solution provider, supplying all kinds of industrial equipment and services to the glass container and tableware industry. 

Our high quality moulds are being used by many glass plants in their daily container and tableware production. Our machines are being used in glass tableware production such as pressing, spinning, press and blow etc. Our annealing and tempering lehr are being used by glass plant for glass heat treatment.              


Today, JCL continues to adopt an aggressive policy of expanding its market worldwide. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver superior product quality and services to our customers. This has been further augmented by JCL’s commitment to the continuous improvement in our product quality, dedication to R&D and technological innovation. Other than offering our customers the advantage of lower cost for machines , we have also been continuously working on the improvements of our machine technology, in order to provide more features to the glass manufacturing technology. JCL is always ready and active in listening to customer’s feedback and complaints. Such approach allows us to continue to develop better solutions to remedy any existing problems, thereby improving our product technology.        

About JCL Group

JCL Taiwan Mould

JCL Taiwan

JCL Taiwan, founded in 1952, is a leading glass mould manufacturer in the world for glass containers, tableware and ovenware industry.
JCL Singapore.jpg

JCL Singapore

JCL Singapore is the Sales, Marketing & Design office providing engineering and mould design services for all types of glass forming process

JCL Shanghai

JCL Shanghai manufactures Press Machines, Spinning, H-28, PB-10 and Fire Polishing Machines for glass tableware and ovenware.

JCL Yantai

JCL Yantai manufactures Annealing, Decorating & Tempering Lehrs, Air Reversal Unit, Mould Pre-heating Oven, Cullet Crusher, Cullet Scraper.
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