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Mould Design Services

JCL provides mould design services free of charge if you place the mould order with us. The moulds are designed using 3D CAD software; models and drawings are sent to customer for checking before sending to Taiwan for production. We also provide specialized glass ware-design or mould design services at a fee if you only require the design to be done without manufacturing.

Mould Design Training

If you're only starting to establish your mould design department, you will need to quickly familarize with how to design the mould and toolings for your glass production quickly. We can provide the mould design training for your designers, so that they can quickly learn the best practices and technical know-how in order to design glass moulds, so as to optimize your glass production, ensuring that you produce glass of quality.  Training usually last for a few days.

Mould Technology and Maintenance Support

Should you have any questions to glass moulds, you're encouraged to contact us for any technical support. We provide our superb support to our mould products and can help you resolve technical problems in areas of glass mould quality issues, defects, maintenance, design, manufacturing etc. 

Glass Production Technical Support

We can a large pool of technical experts (including glass production specialist, electronic / mechanical engineers) ready to help you produce good glass, whether it's in glass container or tableware.  Whether it's IS production, press, spinning, press and blow, we can provide technical service and support to you to help you improve your glass production and glass quality.  Resolving through e-mail is usually free; while an on-site Technical Service is charged at an affordable rate. Contact us if you ever need technical assistance.

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