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IS Machines

JCL works with Sklostroj, a Czech-based IS Machine developer and manufacturer, as their agent in the Asia-pacific region. We help to market IS (Individual Section) Machine, which is used primarily in glass plants for producing glass bottles. Sklostroj's most advanced IS machine is known as ISS (Individual Section Servo). It's the most advanced IS technology available in the market. Besides ISS machine, there are also other products such as Servo Feeder, Cross Conveyor, Ware Transfer, Servo Stacker etc used for glass container production. 

ISS Machine - Glass Bottle Making Machine

IS Machines: Type ISS

Advanced bottle making machine.

Low consumption of the electrical energy minimum need of the compressed air & recuperation of energy. Quick job change - parameters adjusted from job data stored in the control.

Safety and Quick maintenance – majority of drives are located out of the section boxes and accessible from the maintenance platform under ISS machine.

DG: 6 ¼“, 5 ½“, 5“, 4 ¼“

TG: 2 x 5“, 2 x 4 ¼“, 2 x 3“

QG: 3 x 3”, 3 x 85 mm, 3 x 95 mm



  • Mechanically very simple

  • Maximum use of standard components

  • Almost no casting used

  • Clean design

  • High speed.

Technical Features:
  • SERVO – gob distributor        
  • SERVO – invert        
  • SERVO – take-out
  • SERVO – parallel MOC
  • SERVO – blow head - pantograph
  • SERVO – baffle - pantograph
  • SERVO – plunger mechanism
  • ELECTRONIC – pushers
  • ELECTRIC – flaps on the cooling air
  • ELECTRIC – conveyor leveling
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