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JCL Technology


Mould Technology

Glass mould quality and technology depend very much on the type of glass mould material used, design and manufacturing technology as well as maintenance technology. JCL continues to invest and research into the best possible mould material, advanced design and manufacturing technology for moulds, as well as better maintenance technology to prolong the lifespan and quality of our moulds. This helps to ensure better mould technology for higher quality glass production.

Machine Technology

New technology in computer, electronics, information technology, sensors, internet had made possible a transformation from mechanical to electronic or computerized machine in the glass industry. JCL continues to research into various technology that can be used to help improve its machine technology for better glass production. In fact, its next focus will be to help develop "smarter" machine that can help operator "decide" or "simplify" on best possible production, without having to go through a rigorous amount of control parameters in order to achieve better production.

Glass Technology

Glass manufacturing and material technology continues to change and improve with time. JCL keeps itself updated and research on the latest industrial technology for glass.
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