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Any new investor who wishes to start a glass container or tableware plant needs to seek a reliable solution provider. The solution provider should not just has technical expertise and experience in the glass industry, but can also provide sound advice on the investment. JCL provides Glass Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions for anyone who wishes to start a Glass Container or Tableware plant, including plant design , equipments, training, technical support etc. This is complemented by over 60 years of experience in the Glass Industry.

Glass Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions

If you are a new investor wishing to start a new glass container or tableware plant, you're encouraged to approach us for your solutions to your project. Seeking a reliable solution provider like JCL is important, as we are able to help you design, build your glass plant and start your glass production  efficiently. This allows you to start a  successful turnkey project and avoid any possible painful and costly mistakes.We do not just provide our technical expertise and know-how to you; we also provide sound advice on your investment, so that you can maximize your return on investment.  

JCL’s Glass Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions include plant design, equipment, production commissioning, production know-how training, technical support etc. We have a strong team of technical engineers and experts, plus a strong JCL network of reliable technical partners, ready to provide value-added support and service to you. Our excellent mould and  machine plants in Taiwan and China continue to manufacture equipments to the highest quality available. These are subjected to inspection and testing according to the most stringent rules and procedure, before being delivered to you  on schedule. Our over 60 years of experience in the Glass Industry is the greatest asset and value, which form the basis for  your trust on us as a reliable supplier.  

Our turn-key projects covers the design of the entire plant, the supply of all the equipments for glass plants such as :

  • Batch house

  • Furnace

  • Forehearth

  • Feeder

  • IS machine

  • Annealing lehr

  • Inspection machine

  • Palletizer                                                                                                                                                      

As well as the technical training and anything necessary to start up a glass plant.
We welcome your enquiry.


Glass Container Production

JCL is the exclusive distributor/agent for Sklostroj, a leading Czech-based IS machine manufacturer, in the Asia-pacific region. As such, we work closely with Sklostroj to provide advanced glass bottle production technology to the Asia-pacific region. In addition, we can also provide cheaper, yet feasible bottle making machine for those investor who has a lower budget.
Glass bottle production technology include the following:
  • Servo-Feeder
  • ISS machine
  • Conveyor, Ware-transfer and Stackers
  • Advanced Annealing lehr

Glass Tableware Production

JCL develops and produces different types of machine for glass tableware production. These technology includes press, spinning, press and blow etc.
Glass tableware production technology includes the following:
  • Servo-feeder
  • Press/Spinning/H-28 (press and blow) /PB-10 (press and blow)
  • Take-out, Conveyor, Ware transfer and Stackers
  • Annealing lehr

Batch and Glass Melting Equipments

Batch Plant
We work with our partners in China to provide design and construction of glass batch plant for both glass container and tableware furnaces. From planning to manufacturing and so on to commissioning, we provide reliable batch plant solutions for your glass production
We work with our partners in China to provide design and construction of glass furnaces for both glass container and tableware production.  Our glass melting solutions have been widely used in glass industries in China and provide you an affordable reliable solution for your glass production requirements.  Furnaces can range from small recuperator type to larger regenerator type. 
We work with our partners in China to provide design and construction of forehearth for both glass container and tableware production. Forehearth are used for conditioning / reheating / cooling of glass melt to the required temperature for glass forming

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