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Glass manufacturing is easier said than be done. When it comes to glass manufacturing, costly trial-and-error should be avoided at all times if possible.The key is to find a reliable supplier that can provide the technology and know-how so that you can avoid any mistakes, speed up your learning curve and produce high quality glassware.

With JCL technology and expertise in glass industry, we can provide you the best solution to help you, as you engineer and perfect yourself in glass manufacturing..


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JCL Product Overview
High quality mould equipments, press machine, annealing lehrs are required to ensure no downtime in glass production. JCL manufactures top quality moulds that had long lifespan and engineered to the highest precision and tolerance in order to meet your glass container or tableware specification requirements.
JCL Press Machine for Glass Tableware Production
Glass tableware such as bowls, cups, tumblers etc can be produced by press machines. JCL produces press machines for the glass industry with several enhanced technology and functions in order to ensure high glass quality, while at the same time automate your glass production.
JCL Horizontal Article Following Fire Polisher
Fire polishing of the glass pressware is required in order to improve the glass surface quality of pressware to make it shiny, especially after pressing.  Horizontal fire polishing is suitable for polishing tall items.

Our horizontal article-following fire-polisher provides the solution and technology to help you enhance your glass fire polishing process. The burners of this fire polisher are arranged to follow and fire-polish the glass article, as it traverse along the machine. This ensures enough time to fire polish, as well as enough spots of fire polishing to cover the entire surface of the glassware. 
JCL Fire Polisher Oxygen based Burner
Oxygen-based burner are used for enhancing glass fire polishing. It provides higher intensity in glass fire polishing and is required if you want to produce higher quality glass pressware.
JCL Rotary-Type Fire Polisher
Rotary-based Fire Polisher are suitable for fire polishing glass bowls or flatter items. 
JCL Glass Block Production Line
JCL manufactures machinery that produce glass block, which are used in buildings and architecture. This include press machine, sealing machine, polishing machine etc.
JCL Index-type Spinning Machine
Index spinning machine are generally suitable for entry-level low-medium volume spinning requirement of glassware. JCL provides the machine technology for this application.
JCLContinuous-type Spinning Machine
JCL manufactures and markets continuous type spinning machine for the glass industry, esp for large volume production. The Opal glass industry as shown in this video highlight a 18 stations continuous spinning machine, used for high volume production. 
JCL PB-10 Press and Blow Jug Forming Machine
Interested in producing high quality glass jug ? JCL provides the machine PB-10 to satisfy this requirement. It works by means of press and blow process, and has a special glass beak forming process. 
JCL H-28 Press and Blow Machine
H-28 Press and Blow Machine are used for producing high quality glass tumblers, vases. The complete line includes both a press and blow machine, a burn-off machine and the transfers conveyors etc. JCL provides H-28 press and blow machine technology to meet your requirement. 
JCL Stretching Machine
The glass tableware (previously blown to form the top) can be stretched at its bottom to form the stem, thus producing a glass stemware. JCL provides the stretching machine technology to meet your stetching requirement, should you be interested in producing glass stemware.
Rotary Glass Bottle Forming Machine
Glass bottles are usually produced by IS (Individual section) machines. However, if you only require low volume production and has lower budget constraint, rotary glass bottle forming machine will satisfy your requirement to makes glass bottle in small volumes. JCL produces these machines for customers who only want to make glass bottle in small volume.
JCL Cold End Coating Machine
Cold End Coating Machine is primarily used in annealing lehr / decorating lehr for spraying glass containers with a dissolved polyethylene wax emulsion, thus creating an external coating on the glass container with good sliding capacity. This avoids friction amongst glass container and is useful in cold end conveying of glass.
JCL  Sealer Packer Machine
JCL Sealer Packer Machine can be used for packing glass bottles, esp. small pharmaceutical bottles.
JCL  Depalletizer
JCL Depalletizer is the opposite of JCL palletizer. Its function is used for unpacking glass bottle pallets. There are pusher-type, gripper-type and pole-type depalletizer.
JCL  Fully Automatic Shrinkwrapping Machine
JCL produces fully automatic shrinkwrapping machine, which is used for shrinkwrapping glass pallets before being sent to warehouse for storage or delivery.
JCL  Multipurpose Glass Bottle Inspection Machine
The JCL Multipurpose Glass Bottle Inspection Machine can be used to inspect neck dimension, neck sealing tightness, bottle roundedness, detect cracks etc.
JCL  Camera-based Glass Bottle Inspection Machine
JCL Camera-based Glass Bottle Inspection Machine is a machine that uses several Camera to inspect the sidewalls and bottom of glass bottles.
JCL Float Glass Plant Turnkey Solution
JCL works with our China partner to provide Float Glass Manufacturing (Plant) Turnkey Solution
JCL Solar Glass Plant Turnkey Solution
JCL works with our China partner to provide Solar Glass Manufacturing (Plant) Turnkey Solution
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