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JCL is a leading supplier of mould equipment and machinery for the Glass Industry in the world.

With over 60 years of experience in mould fabrication, we are able to supply top quality moulds and machinery to the glass industry, including container and tableware.

JCL’s mould equipment are used by major glass container and tableware manufacturers throughout the world including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, America etc.

Besides moulds, we also supply a wide range of machinery and plant accessories for the glass container and tableware industry.

Our specialized machines are used in glass tableware production, including press machine, spinning machine, press and blow machine, fire polisher, annealing/decorating lehr etc.

We also provide technical support and services to our customers in areas of mould design and maintenance, glass container or tableware manufacturing technology etc.

Glass Manufacturing Turnkey

Any new investor who wishes to start a glass container or tableware plant needs to seek a reliable and experienced solution provider so as to avoid any possible failure in investment.

With over 60 years of experience and technical expertise in the Glass industry, we are able to provide 
Glass Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions to anyone who wishes to start a Glass Container or Tableware plant. This includes plant design , manufacturing equipment, training, technical support etc.

Other than that, we also provide sound advice on investment issues and support services in order to ensure your glass manufacturing project is successful.

We welcome your enquiry.

Welcome To JCL Engineering Pte. Ltd.


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